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What we do

We sell tickets to all the coolest events happening around you. Our platform is very simple to use that even a baby can use it 😇
What about those who make the events happen? How can we leave you out of the fun! We've provided an easy way for you to sell tickets for your events and get your money faster than ever. Give us a try today and you'll definitely come back.


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We accept mobile money and bank cards, so you can easily and conveniently buy your ticket and make payment. No need to travel miles looking for tickets, we are here for you!

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Our agents are always ready at the event center even before you get there, ready to scan your ticket so you can get in. No more queues!

100% Paperless

Yes, you heard us; we are 100% paperless! Who needs paper in this age, come on, it's 2020, wake up! We send your ticket to your phone so you carry it wherever you go.

100% Secure

Oh yeah! we love to brag about that. You don't need to worry about the security of your ticket because we got it all figured out. Your ticket is safe with us.