FACES - A Romantic Stage Comedy
A Romantic Stage Comedy as part of the 2019 Black Arts Festival


The night after honey moon; Lionel and Aseye return home gleefully, looking forward to a rosy start to married life, and at least another night of endless bliss. Their joy however, is short lived with a frantic knock on the door at the chime of midnight. Who or what could it be? At such an ungodly hour? Armed robber? Rapist? An enemy with a score to settle? With the night so young, dawn faraway and the knock as hysterical as ever, the couple brace themselves for an unforgettable night of action, hidden faces and ages of skeletons long tucked away.

Tickets: Single GHS 30, Couple 50

1st Show: 5pm

2nd Show: 7pm
Contact Information
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